About us

We work with a diverse creative and technical team from across the Prairies in order to service a broad range of clients, from corporations to small business and non-profits. It’s a model that works for us and our partners. It keeps us fresh, flexible and inspired.


Adrienne Percy

adrienneAdrienne brings more than a decade of communications and media experience to 3Fish Media. She has a reputation as a big picture thinker who is able to deliver results. Whether you’re looking to advance your brand, get noticed by the media, or launch an integrated print and multimedia campaign, Adrienne can help.
Courageous and persistently insightful, Adrienne's work has earned awards from the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, the Canadian Agri-Marketers’ Association, and the Manitoba Community Newspaper Association.


Trevor Percy

trevorTrevor demystifies the technical. With a knack for cutting through the techno-babble and geek speak, Trevor brings solid multimedia experience rooted in a practical business background. He's helped small businesses and multi-million dollar corporations launch successful websites, design trade show booths and produce videos for shareholders, customers and staff.


With a degree in Film Studies to complement his multimedia expertise, he’s not just about 1s and 0s. Add creativity, a down-to-earth attitude and an ability to get to the heart of your business needs and you’ve got a guy who can speak your language.