Our services

Public relations

Do you want to steer the conversation or let it steer you? Building
rapport with your stakeholders - whether that's customers, investors
or staff - is the foundation of a good PR strategy. We can help you
anticipate, analyze and respond to the issues and trends that affect
your business, your reputation and your bottom line.

Media relations

Engaging the media can be a vital component of your success. 3Fish
brings a unique blend of connections and creativity that will help you
succeed when you need to get the media's attention.

Web solutions

A professional website that reflects your brand can be your most powerful
marketing tool. What does your web presence say about you?

Social media

With the right strategy, you can make social media tools like Facebook,
Twitter, or a blog work for your business. Knowing the rules of engagement
and figuring out how to connect can help you build your brand, improve
customer loyalty and generate leads. It can also be a launchpad for
e-commerce or direct marketing.

Video production

Whether it's a five minute corporate video or a YouTube tutorial on
your product, video has never been more accessible than it is today.
From scripting to shooting, to editing and post production, 3Fish can
help bring your story to the screen.

Advertising and marketing

You need print and web ads that your target audience will notice. We'll
work with you to identify the right approach and the right medium for
your needs.


The right words can inform, inspire and mobilize. Who is your
audience? Are you speaking their language? Have you told them a story?
Whether it's ad copy, web content, a brochure or annual report, we'll
breathe life into your words.


Eliminate the guesswork. Market research and opinion data reveals
what's important to your customers - and to your bottom line.
We'll design, field, and analyze surveys that help you chart a course
for growth.

Information technology

From network configuration to implementing an email system that makes
sense for your small-to-medium sized business, our solutions take into
account where you are today and where you plan to be in five years.