Strategic planning intensive

Do you know where your organization is going and how to get there? Do you, your board, and staff all have the same vision?


Strategic planning is all about answering the important questions that will define your organization’s future. It’s about looking ahead to what your organization ‘can be’ and having the ability to recognize and capitalize on important opportunities.


Learn how to apply the key concepts and techniques used in strategic planning. You’ll receive a full range of handouts that include planning forms, worksheets, and examples of strategic planning documents.

Communications planning 101

Do you feel like you’ve been trying to get your organization’s message out for years but just aren’t making the progress you’d like to see? Find out how defining your target audiences, key messages, strategy and tactics can help your organization connect.


In this workshop learn:

  • how to develop and use a communications plan
  • the difference between business and communications objectives (and why you need to know)
  • how to effectively measure results
  • common communication pitfalls and how to avoid them

This a workshop that’s sure to get you and your organization focused, revitalized and full of confidence about what’s ahead.

What is an intranet (and how will it make my life easier)?

What if there was a simple and inexpensive way you could make more time in your day and cut down your email?


An intranet is a mini-internal website for approved users. Once considered the purvue of corporations, new technology means an intranet is now affordable for organizations with even the tiniest budgets (or, no budget at all).


It's powerful communications tool that can free up time and help groups stay focused. It can help you keep your stakeholders connected, on track and on target.


A great tool for not-for-profits, charities, committees, coalitions and small and medium-sized businesses - find out how an intranet can work for you.


We'll cover topics like:

  • getting an intranet up and running
  • what to put on your intranet
  • how to 'train' stakeholders to use your intranet

Media Training bootcamp

Learn how to effectively deal with the media in any situation. We’ll cover key topics that will help you confidently navigate an interview. This session is facilitated by Adrienne Percy, a former journalist, and crisis communications practitioner. She'll share the skills and insight she's gained from spending a decade in the media relations field.

How to get million dollar results on a shoestring ad budget

Does your organization or business have big dreams and a small budget? Do you want to get your message out without breaking the bank?


In this workshop we will explore the simple and often FREE ways you can connect with your audience. We’ll help you discover the tools that are available to almost anyone, how to tap into them, and their best uses.


You’ll also learn the simple but effective rules to that will help you build relationships with the media AND and the hidden (resource) costs and (potential) benefits of using social media.


This is one workshop you can’t afford to miss.


*Ask about our teleseminar availability.